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The Malabary interior designers are always known for their peculiar and unique design ideas. Your home may be traditional, modern or some intermediate, the Malabary interiors have got the best book storage ideas. Since 18 years, the Malabary interiors were passionately designing your home, offices or commercial spaces. The excellent services and designs made the Malabary interiors successful. The interior designs are both functional and inspirational. Thus became the most preferred and leading interior design company in Kerala.

Few of the interior design ideas from the Malabary interiors are discussed below:


The interior spaces of your home can be refreshed by keeping built-in shelves around a custom sofa. For added charm to this keep a painting or any attractive décor of your choice just behind the sofa. Give a suitable ceiling for this theme, like giving some geometric patterns on it. This can bring you a good looking library in your home.


As always, the wood is evergreen. Giving woodwork on your walls other than the plain walls will be such an adorable idea. You can use wooden works on the walls and wooden shelves to keep your books.


The deep red room is unconditionally beautiful and romantic. In between the burgundy walls the windows can be covered with bamboo shade. This will give an artful backdrop for your library.


You can keep a book shelf inside your bedroom itself. It can also be made moody and can create a reading space. Giving suitable color schemes can make this idea wonderful in your bedroom. It can also improve your inner peace and will be a way to relax in your bedroom.


When beautifully done the interiors, its vibrant hue will be playing off book shelves lacquered in a custom color. This should be painted with fine colors. The unique interior designs are the reason to have more satisfied customers for Malabary interiors. Thus became the best interior designers in Kochi.


When you have a grid pattern for the book shelves, the library’s high gloss color painted walls can play better. To this a well-worn sofa will give that comfortable and inviting look to your space.


Vivid colors are always charming to the interior spaces. Especially it is suited to the reading nooks. Try different colors and also velvet to give vibrancy when you have a traditional library.


This is a different but a good concept for libraries. It can be designed with different kinds of designs like giving wooden shelves and tables in the room. It can also be like using glasses for shelves and tables. There are still many ideas yet to come from the Malabary interiors. We do interior designs with passion.

The office spaces must be designed more on a functional basis along with keeping it aesthetic. A creative outlet for the employees will bring out a more desirable result. Thus most of the companies prefer to do best interior designs for offices. The Malabary interior designers do office interior designs with better creativity. This made the offices to become more functional and successful. Interior designs from Malabary interiors are the reason for success of many companies. Some of the office interior design ideas using colors and patterns are discussed below:


By giving arches and symmetrical shapes, it acts as the primary design elements. Then suitable colors are worked on the basis of the particular theme into the interior design. The space which appeared to be large has to be changed to individual work zones by partial dividing. Privacy comes with these equally measured partitions. The partitions can also be done with done with different geometric shapes.


This is a good idea to attract more employers and clients. Creating a strong visual impact on your office is made easy with the exciting interior designs of the Malabary interiors. We made it possible to have beautiful interior spaces for your offices. We are capable of creating strong visual impact for your office interiors which is suitable for your kind of business.

Giving colorful films and wall papers with different patterns like zebra pattern, or beautiful patterns can add charm to it. Adding suitable furniture and other decors are definitely an unavoidable option in case of office interiors.


The presence of lights will even change the character of your room. The highlights in your office must be seen in lights. Otherwise it is of no use. An office with adorable and beautiful lights can improve the mood of the employees. This will also help you to give an attraction for your clients, thus improving the business.

Other than providing the lighting equipment just as the lighting options, it can be given as decors. There are several kinds of lights available in the markets, providing different colors and different patterns of lights. Including decorative lights to your office interiors are a great option. The Malabary interiors are capable of doing different and unique interior designs for your offices.

These are only few ideas from the Malabary interiors. There are more ideas suitable for offices. We do the interior designs according to your space and your kind of business. Before beginning the work we will provide you a 3D view of the proposed work. This will give you a better clarity to have you any changes in the interior designs. The qualities of works delivered by the Malabary interiors are at its best. Thus earned lots of satisfied customers throughout Kerala. The Malabary interiors are now the best interior designers in Kochi.

You don’t have to worry about your living rooms even if it is too small. We can convert it to a wonderful space within an affordable budget. The Malabary interior designers have several brilliant ideas and solutions for this problem. Have you ever struggled with the arrangement of your furniture, want to have more seats and lights. These brilliant ideas are full of inspiration for the tiny living room spaces to expand their spaces without any demolition.


Mirrors are the best ways to add reflection to the spaces; it will make the tiny space to feel more open and airy. When you keep mirrors in the living rooms you can feel it more spacious. They reflect all the lights which are available in the room.


This is the best way to increase the square footage in your space. When a person enters the living room, you must be able to make his eyes constantly in motion by giving a visual increase in the living room. This can be done with patterns and colors arranging next to next.

You can also try giving various geometric and linear prints. This can give a sense of structure to a small room by providing an illusion of more length and width to the room. The Malabary interiors have several ideas to create best interior spaces.


A feature wall is something that can give a focus to the room with awkward spaces. For this we can use bold wallpapers with different textures, floral prints or anything of your interest to pull the attention of the visitors.


Keeping your personal accents and your treasures will definitely give you warmth of mind. Along with this it is possible to make your living room to look charming. Here the attention is delighted by the accessories that will draw you in to each nook and corner of the little space.


This idea is suitable for book lovers. This is actually an idea to sort of a dull living space to become your favorite space. Consider an empty wall and converting it into a top to bottom library. It will give plenty of storage spaces. To give a more stylish look pick out rich colors and also give moldings to improve this look.


The plants add so much of value to the space where it is kept. You can also make them more creative in your area. It is a smart idea to add hanging greenery without taking any floor space. The brilliant interior design ideas had made the Malabary interiors the best interior designers in Ernakulum.

Kid's room

We as parents will always give preference to our children. The Malabary interior designers can help you to make your dreams come true. The main thing we must keep in mind in case of kid’s room interiors is must be clutter free. We should definitely have solutions to keep the things without forming clutters. So here are some ideas you must consider while doing the interior designs for your kids rooms.


More of clutters in the room will be a major problem for the kid’s room. Giving built-in shelves can decrease the clutter inside the room without consuming much space. They can be used to store books or tiny toys of your kids. Even keeping decorative items in these shelves can increase the beauty of the room.


Having fun with colors in the kid’s room is a great idea. You can choose a fun color for the basket in which the toys are stored. It will look like a décor more than a basket. Similarly, certain color schemes can be chosen for everything inside the kid’s room. Colorful throw pillows can also add charm to this.


The individual storage cubbies can make separating spaces for toys, books and anything stuffed. In order to make it feel uncluttered, add some baskets instead of keeping things directly in cubbies. The Malabary interior designers have several storage ideas for kid’s rooms. The different and unique ideas in the interior designing had made the Malabary to become the best interior designers in Kochi.


You may think how is it possible? This is the best way for kids to pick up their toys for playing and keeping it back after playing. We can make the storage a part of their play area. It will make the room clutter free and adorable.


Attaching crates are a way to store books without losing the charm of your room. It can also be a decorative one on your walls. This is a good idea suitable for the kid’s room interiors.


It can be used as a kid focused mudroom storage area by using hinged storage benches. You can keep shoes, bags, toys and other items on it. It is not preferred by most of the parents as it is easily accessible by their children.


It is especially meant to make the kids easy to select their garments. You can label the drawers with weekdays or as per their needs. Since everything is kept on the proper place, the child wouldn’t be late to school in the morning. This will also reduce your rush in the mornings.


The pegboards are not meant to keep only the hardwires or craft storage. You can also keep it in your child’s room to keep necessary toiletries and other accessories. There are rarely used, but wonderful ideas for your kid’s room interiors.

The quality and standards of work from the Malabary interiors had made it the best interior designing company. The kid’s rooms designed by the Malabary interiors are the best kid’s rooms in Kerala.

Interior Designers In Calicut

Since the family rooms plays important roles in each and every home, it is very much necessary to make it more adorable and useful. The family rooms are the spaces in your houses where the small occasions or functions like birthdays, family gatherings, meeting guests and many such things will happen. It is a welcoming space in many houses. Here are 10 of the family room ideas from the Malabary interiors.


Set a fireplace in the family rooms if you live in a low temperature area. Keep some instruments of your choice against the wall and arrange plenty of seating space in the family room. This will make it feel more inviting. Giving floating shelves in the family rooms can increase the storage spaces.


Isn’t it outrageous? But it is not so always. Imagine your family room having gold statement ceiling, tangerine walls, and floral designs on the motifs and giving pops of colors in the room. The Malabary interior designers design your interior spaces according to your taste.


Mix neutrals in your family interior spaces to add some character. For this use ultra-plush materials which will be like adding floor cushions. Add a pop of color with paintings and wall art, which suits the scene. You can also add suitable coffee tables and book storage spaces into this.

DOUBLE DUTY- Family room + living room

In some cases, the family rooms are also used as living rooms. In such rooms, choose super comfortable furniture to make it feel cozy while giving a streamlined and formal look. Adding more floral designs to this will make you feel special and fits for celebrations. The Malabary interiors will guide you to have special spaces in your home. Hence the best interior designing company in Ernakulum.


Don’t keep all of your furniture against the walls. If you keep spaces behind the furniture, it will look wider than actually it is. When a sofa is kept in the middle of the family room and other decorating items are kept around it, it is a kind of interior space with floating furniture.


Gallery wall decorated with photos and artwork are common. Instead of this keep some quirky things on display. This will make your room feel more unique. The Malabary interior designers have different and unique interior design ideas to make your interiors look awesome.


Other than a classic family room you can add some kinds of interesting features to it. If you have more space available in the family room more than a sofa, coffee table, television and other essentials you can add some gaming features. You can add a ping pong table or any kid’s games to avoid the dull moments in the family room.


Abundance of natural light inside a room can make you feel peaceful and relaxing. Natural light is always a good source of positive energy and good vibes.


Adding bold color sofa can be adorable as well as formal in the family rooms or living rooms. It can also give a modern look to your family room.


Design your home with some architectural quirks. You do exposed beams, indoor arches and any stained or colorful glass. This will give an improved décor scheme in the family rooms. The Malabary interiors are the best interior design company in Malappuram to provide the best interior designs.

Everybody wants to look their home interiors to look beautiful, but the matter is it will be expensive almost always. Adorable interior designs need not be expensive. But the expensive interior space looks are usually expensive. The Malabary interior designers have some cheap interior design tricks to make your home interior designs to look expensive with little expense. There are many styling tips that are affordable for you, which actually make your space look expensive. Here are few expert tips from the Malabary interior designers to make your home expensive looking.


If you are having a bland space with you add more details to the existing moldings. You can try it by completely covering the walls with trellis. Try giving instant interesting features and textures to your interior spaces by painting or keeping some decors in it. Add trim details to the existing moldings in your interior spaces.

The Malabary interior designers will help you to make your interior spaces look expensive with low expenses. This peculiarity made it to be the best interior designers in Ernakulum. We help you to upgrade the interior designs by increasing your moldings with fewer expenses.


Incorporate more of textures and patterns so that your home will feel more layered and adorable. You can do something like giving a textured base, armchair or linen sofa or something different and to this add on patterned throw pillows. The throw pillows can be like animal prints, floral patterns, stripes and certain geometric patterns. Textured throw blankets will add charm to this. The overall look of this can give an expensive look.


This may not be preferred by all people, but some. Think about having a nice scent in your room. The scented candles can give added charm to your interior spaces with a cool scent. This will not cost you much expense as compared to costly decors and furniture.


Things of your personal interests and habits are also decors to your interiors when arranged properly. It can be books, musical instruments, paintings, plants, vases, handicrafts and any other smaller items. This when arranged properly can bring more charm to your interior spaces. The Malabary interiors can guide you to get that perfect appearance with your personal items.


Make you kitchen space feel instantly adorable with little expenses. Painting your kitchen interiors completely will cause expense. But painting only the kitchen cabinets with bold or daring colors can be a less expensive makeover. Also change the hardware by adding a good handle or knob to have that vintage look. You can create best kitchen interior designs with the Malabary interior designers.


There is no doubt that over-sized will add charm to the interior spaces. Because, the over-sized mirrors will create lots of reflection in the rooms in which they are kept. It will also help you to feel your space larger.


We often neglect windows or give less priority to them. And provide some sheers to soften your windows. Try introducing some textures to the window areas; it will give a more polished and better look. This will look awesome and costs less.

What about keeping a kitchen island in the center of your kitchen? This is not helpful when you have a small kitchen and you are spending a lot of space for giving a kitchen island in the center. The kitchen island can be placed in a number of ways. The Malabary interior designers always have a number of kitchen interior design ideas. Here we discuss a few such ideas to upgrade your kitchen to a new level.


You can create a custom kitchen island by using a work table or a bistro table which is with a slim and rectangular silhouette. There can also have a bottom shelf in it to improve the function of Kitchen Island.


As always colors play a major role in the interior spaces. This is mainly because it activates the visual sense and affects the mood of the people. You can add your favorite colors to it. The Malabary interior designers give different kinds of color combinations for the kitchen. The Malabary interior designers had designed several best modular kitchens in Kerala. The Malabary interiors are now the best modular kitchen designers in Kerala having a lot of satisfied clients throughout Kerala.


If your kitchen is more spacious and you have more counter spaces for cooking and in the leftover spaces you can try something different. You can keep a dining table instead of keeping an island. While choosing the dining table, select something similar to get an added beauty.


Hang an eye-catching pendant above the kitchen to light up your room. This is not only meant to light up your kitchen, but it should be attractive even without light and it must be eye-catching.


Other than giving a single patterned or single-colored material on the kitchen island, it will look better when combined with matching and suitable materials. You can use a tile to cover the side surfaces and a piece of marble to cover the top of the kitchen island. To this metal, accessories can give a stunning look. The Malabary interior designers do several unique interior designs with complete perfection. Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Malappuram with a more number of satisfied clients.


If your kitchen has an open floor plan, then design it to blend to have a more formal dining area and living space. Keep it simple to radiate that simple and peaceful glow. These kinds of the kitchen are rare in Kerala. Even though, some people prefer to have these kinds of kitchen. The Malabary interiors are there with you to hear your concept of interior designs and make it possible at its best.


This is not uncommon in Kerala. Some houses will have an outside kitchen along with an inside kitchen. This will give a transition from the casual kitchen to become a more entertaining one. These kinds of the kitchen are seen since olden time. The Malabary interiors give several good interior designs for the kitchen.

The Malabary interior designers give few bathroom designs ideas that will make you feel spa- level relaxation and that peculiar style at your home. We also have different ideas to do renovation for your existing bathroom and make it a really beautiful space. The wonderful renovation ideas of Malabary interiors had given it the name for best interior designers in Ernakulum. But, above all the bathroom in your home should be clean and neat to be a best bathroom. Here we discuss about some fantastic bathroom interior design ideas.


Why not choose your favorite color for your bathroom? It is possible to do the interior of your bathroom with your favorite color. Giving a one-tone color scheme makes the interior design process easier. We can make the space awesome and it wouldn’t be boring with this idea. The awkward corner of your bathroom is made beautiful with a mirror or adding a custom vanity.


Instead of keeping a mirror above the sink, try keeping an artwork display to your beautiful bathroom. To this keep metallic and adorable bathroom accessories. Instead of using the usual light hang a slim pendant light above the sink to give a different appearance of light.


When your bathrooms have natural materials like stones, keep them exposed. The natural materials like the brick and stones in the bathrooms will add so many dimensions to it. To this add pop of colors with accessories and polish to make it more attractive. The Malabary the best interior designer makes the bathrooms with natural materials awesome.


Using gold accents will bring some shimmery gold details to your bathroom. You can add gold accents anywhere possible from the ceiling till the bottom. This will give a unique look for your bathroom.


Bathroom need not be always modern. It can be a combination of modern, classical or industrial styles. To increase the texture and color of the bathroom bring in a rug. The Malabary interior designers are giving the best bathroom interiors in mixed styles and they are even themed. This made it the best interior designers in Kochi.


The floor to ceiling storage spaces inside your bathroom will provide you ample spaces for storage. This may not be a necessary option for some people, but some others demand it. The idea of floor to ceiling shelves will give you more storage space by taking less area from the bathroom. In this shelf you can keep the cleaning item, toilet paper or towels, bath items and you show-off decors.


This is a great idea for bathrooms. Don’t wonder how. This can be done on the old bathrooms with vintage corner sink and mirror. To this add differently textured wallpapers like a marbleized wallpaper to get that complete look. These kinds of unique ideas had made the Malabary interiors the best interior designers in Malappuram.


Colors have a huge influence in the mood and mind of a person. Adding cheerful colors to the bathrooms with matching accessories will give a stunning look to your bathroom. Make your bathrooms cheerful to have a cheerful you.

The cozy cottage look is an interior design idea which is preferred by many people. It is actually an interior decorating style which offers comfort, warmth and you can have a dream life by the feeling that you are escaped from reality. The best interior designers of Malabary will recreate that look in your home and gives a complete cozy feel.

By maintaining the character and charm of your interior designs the Malabary interior designing company will make you feel awesome. There are some essential décor ideas and items that you must know while creating that luxurious and nostalgic cottage look. Few of them are given below:


The throws are a great addition to any kind of cottage look. One throw draped at the end of each sofa is a comfort factor and it makes everyone grab it easily. Other than that throws are also a great idea to add a pop of color into the interior spaces and you can change the color to an updated one as per the specific needs.


Reclaimed or painted woods are always an integral part of cottage interior designing. You can add different colors of wood which suits your interiors. Using dark natural wood can add contrast and depth to your home without adding any colors. Adding weathered wood is also a great feature as it breaks up the white base in the room.


Even though the reading habits is in short in the present generations, the older generation and few book addicts always ask for a better display for books in their rooms. Displaying books is a new identity in country homes. Other than that, books are a beautiful interior design accessory which is preferred by many people around the world. It can be given in different types of shelving units in a well-organized and structured way.


Floral patterns are an all-time favorite for many people. It can be applied in most of all the interior designs and decorations. From your experience from an old rural cottage, you will be definitely impressed by the paisley and floral patterns. The floral patterns will surely work for the cottage settings as they are traditional but pretty looking. The floral designs incorporated in the interior designs of the Malabary interiors are some of the best interior spaces in Kerala.


House plants in the interior spaces are actually a good idea which most of us will like to have. More than a decoration, it will add calmness and peace to your minds. It will provide you a more relaxed feeling.


Beautiful and warm rugs are actually an unavoidable part of cottages. It will make the interiors to be bolder looking. A deep pile luxury rug can give a cozy feel for modern cottages. The Malabary interior designer, which is one of the best interior designers in Ernakulam, will definitely give you the best cozy cottage interior.

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Bedroom is the space where you feel like you want to unwind yourself. The Malabary interior designers have several ideas to make your bedroom a feel good place for you. For us, it does not matter how bold you feel like to have, your space is small or large or you have some design preferences. These interior design ideas for bedrooms from the Malabary interiors are surely going to inspire you. Here we discuss about different types of interior design ideas as people differ in their tastes.


Almost always bedrooms should feel peaceful. Adding textures like gorgeous stone walls will result in bringing an earthy feel. Added to this you can have a sky blue paint inside or any calming paint color. And cozy throw blankets can do well with this.


This is an excellent idea that you can apply for your bedrooms. You have to be very careful while choosing each item for your interiors. This is because it must fit the architectural quirks of that particular interior space. The Malabary interior designers always design your interior spaces as your personality demands. This is because, you must get a feel of the place that it is your own. This made the Malabary interiors the best interior designers in Kochi.


This is actually a well applied option on the interiors especially in the bedroom interiors. There are different variants of wallpapers both in colors and textures. You can choose fun wallpaper or some peaceful one or anything of your taste. But then keep all other interior decors and furniture suitable to it. This is suggested to get that complete look as you wanted.


Most of don’t like to have a bold light in the bedroom. But this concept is different. Here you must balance it with the impact of muted cushions and throws and also with the headboards. And this low profile will definitely allow you to have a sizable painting or artwork above the bed space.


Because of the unique architectural lines there is a kind of feel to attics. Create a frame or a sloped ceiling to give that dreamy vibe by adding romantic materials and color lights of your choice. Decorate it with loose linen and a kind of vintage rug to add a pop of color to this.


If you have got only a little space, then you make it creative. In such cases always prefer to get multipurpose items into such rooms. You can make it crafty within your budgets. The Malabary interiors are the best interior designing company who do the interior designs at budget friendly prices.


You can do the bedroom interiors by sticking to a theme. We make you to choose the themes according the personality and preferences of the person. You can also choose different cartoon themes or other playful themes for the kid’s room interiors.