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We as parents will always give preference to our children. The Malabary interior designers can help you to make your dreams come true. The main thing we must keep in mind in case of kid’s room interiors is must be clutter free. We should definitely have solutions to keep the things without forming clutters. So here are some ideas you must consider while doing the interior designs for your kids rooms.


More of clutters in the room will be a major problem for the kid’s room. Giving built-in shelves can decrease the clutter inside the room without consuming much space. They can be used to store books or tiny toys of your kids. Even keeping decorative items in these shelves can increase the beauty of the room.


Having fun with colors in the kid’s room is a great idea. You can choose a fun color for the basket in which the toys are stored. It will look like a décor more than a basket. Similarly, certain color schemes can be chosen for everything inside the kid’s room. Colorful throw pillows can also add charm to this.


The individual storage cubbies can make separating spaces for toys, books and anything stuffed. In order to make it feel uncluttered, add some baskets instead of keeping things directly in cubbies. The Malabary interior designers have several storage ideas for kid’s rooms. The different and unique ideas in the interior designing had made the Malabary to become the best interior designers in Kochi.


You may think how is it possible? This is the best way for kids to pick up their toys for playing and keeping it back after playing. We can make the storage a part of their play area. It will make the room clutter free and adorable.


Attaching crates are a way to store books without losing the charm of your room. It can also be a decorative one on your walls. This is a good idea suitable for the kid’s room interiors.


It can be used as a kid focused mudroom storage area by using hinged storage benches. You can keep shoes, bags, toys and other items on it. It is not preferred by most of the parents as it is easily accessible by their children.


It is especially meant to make the kids easy to select their garments. You can label the drawers with weekdays or as per their needs. Since everything is kept on the proper place, the child wouldn’t be late to school in the morning. This will also reduce your rush in the mornings.


The pegboards are not meant to keep only the hardwires or craft storage. You can also keep it in your child’s room to keep necessary toiletries and other accessories. There are rarely used, but wonderful ideas for your kid’s room interiors.

The quality and standards of work from the Malabary interiors had made it the best interior designing company. The kid’s rooms designed by the Malabary interiors are the best kid’s rooms in Kerala.