The Wandoor is a place located in Malappuram, which is 12 kilo meter away from Nilambur. This place is facing frequent improvement especially in constructing houses and buildings. There are a number of good looking houses and attractive commercial spaces here. This had actually developed their need for great interior designers. The Malabary interiors have succeed in satisfying the clients in this region. Thus became the leading interior designers in Wandoor.


The people in this area are fond of doing modern interior design solutions for their houses other than the traditional types. There are also people who go for fusion designs. It may be the fusion of traditional designs and modern designs. With the skilled professionals, the Malabary interiors will make your dream home to come true.

The experienced interior designers of Malabary are always keeping updated in the field of interior designing. We will definitely try to incorporate latest interior design solutions in the houses and commercial spaces we design. The interior designs can be done in a customized manner. We will help you by adding your retro style in the best possible way.


In the recent years, there is was a steady increase in the number of houses in this region. Most of the houses were in demand of latest interior design solutions. This is because most people will built a house only once in their lifetime. Due to this they will want it to become good looking and functional. The Malabary interiors were the best team to provide interior solutions as per the customer’s requirements. Moreover, on comparing with other interior designers in Malappuram, the Malabary had always succeeded in providing the best to their customers.

While designing the interiors of houses, we always consider the needs and suggestions of the client. Our designers are well versed in doing different themed interior designs with colors or any other patterns. Suitable designs for kid’s rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen are given by the team.


You may find a number of interior designers who are giving services at fewer rates and will low quality products. Other than becoming cost effective, this will be a loss of money as you will be in need of early repairs. The Malabary interiors understand the needs of the customers and design with high quality products. This will make your houses or offices to look standard and long lasting. Usage of high standard objects had made us to become a popular interior designing company in Wandoor.

For example, while doing a modular kitchen interior work, we are providing materials and equipment of high quality brands. The high standard and good quality brands like Febg and Febond are most commonly used. Similarly, the standard in products and services are well maintained in all the works we do. This is the major reason for the Malabary interiors for being in the position of leading interior designers in Malappuram.