Kodungallur is a historically significant town situated on the banks of Periyar River in Thrissur district of Kerala. This place is well known in the history due to its harbor and ancient monuments. Kodungallur is well known for having traditional interiors. There are a number of houses and other buildings with traditional kinds of interior designs, which were designed during ancient times. This area is also a major trading spot in Thrissur. Kodungallur is highly populated with a number new construction. Thus the need for interior designing also arises. The Malabary interiors have been the best interior designers in Kodungallurto do best designs for different interiors.


There is always affection towards traditional interior designs for the people in Kerala. The Malabary interiors had been able to bring traditional interior designs properly. Similarly, we are doing fusion designs with the traditional interior designs. Our skilled team will definitely bring the interiors of your choice as per your expectation. This had actually attracted many people towards the Malabary.

The traditional kinds of interior designs are commonly used for living room interiors or for the balconies. They are also used in bedrooms and other areas in houses. The traditional interiors have been able to give a more relaxing feeling for some people. Many people enjoy having traditional interiors, or incorporating some traditional furniture or decors in their spaces. The Malabary interiors are the leading home interior designers in Kodungallur.


Usage of modern interior design style is much common nowadays. There are different sorts of modern interior designs like minimalist interior design styles. This minimalist interior design style is used for both house interiors and office interiors. With the minimalist interior designs, there won’t be much decors added in the spaces. There will be few functional elements in the space along with a statement piece. Statement piece in these kinds of designs are made to take the attention and the remaining parts will remain simple. This had given a cleaner look in many interior spaces.


An ideal interior space must be beautiful and functional. Being beautiful alone and being functional alone won’t be great. The Malabary interiors had always tried to being perfect interior solutions that meets all interior needs. Using of best quality products and their usage in advanced forms has helped us to give best quality interiors. They meet good standards and are highly durable. The Malabary interiors are a popular interior designer in Thrissur since more than a decade.

Your interiors will be beautifully created with your imaginations and our creativity. Our professionals are bringing unique interior solutions for all kinds of interiors. We are providing our client’s customized interior solutions based on the kind of business they have and also based on the interests or hobbies they have. We make it purely functional to perform all your expected functions in a best way. Along with this we will make it look adorable for a complete relaxation and rejuvenation if it is your home. If it is your office, it is made to attract your clients and for you to feel good.