The Pandikkad is a place in Malappuram district and it is a few kilometers away from the Perinthalmanna town. This place had actually gone through developments in buildings and constructions within short time period. There is also an increased demand for better interior designers in Pandikkad. The Malabary interiors are clearly serving the interior solution needs of people here. Due to this reason the Malabary interiors has designed many interior designs for houses and other commercial spaces in Pandikkad. The preference of Malabary interiors than other interior designers occurs due to several reasons.


Only by using good products and materials you can get a standard and quality interior. The Malabary interiors are greatly considering the quality of interiors and are using only quality interior design materials. This is the major point for the acceptance and popularity of Malabary interiors among the people.

Most of the materials used by Malabary are from the leading brands. They meet high quality and will be durable in your interiors. The excellrent brands like Febg and Febond are commonly used. While doing the modular kitchen designs, the longevity of all the equipment in the kitchen is important. The Malabary interiors will prefer only the best kinds of chimneys, stoves and other appliances. Similarly, in case of other parts of your houses we use only standards and quality products.


Most of us will built a house only once in our life. Thus we want it as the best at reasonable prices. The Malabary interiors are the leading home interior designers in Pandikkad. We give considerations to all parts of your houses while designing. The living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and each part will be perfectly designed to function efficiently. We always keep the good looking property and efficiency of your spaces together.

The retro style and the personal preferences are also taken into consideration while designing. It will be given as in the form of interior decors or as any other parts in the interiors. The designers of Malabary are well experiences and are updated with the latest trends in interior designing. Modern and traditional kinds of designs are incorporated based on the need of the client.


In the recent years, the Pandikkad town has a rapid growth in the commercial field. This had actually led to an increase in the number of commercial spaces. Thus the demand for office interior designs and shop interior designs also had increased. The Malabary interiors have excellent experience in making commercial spaces attractive. While doing interior designs for shops we make it in such a way that it will be attractive for customers, suitable working space for employees and a happy place for owner. The Malabary interiors are the leading shop interior designers in Pandikkad. Similarly, we design the offices in such a way that it will help to bring better output from the employees and thus helping to benefit the business. We design all interiors with passion.